Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Review: Sukin Natural Skincare

Over the last six months or so, I have been trying a few skincare products from Australian natural skincare brand Sukin. As all the products come to an end (surprisingly and conveniently all at the same time!) I thought I would review them all.

//Foaming Facial Cleanser

Probably the product I enjoyed the least out of the Sukin Range. Despite being targeted specifically for oily skin types, I really didn't feel like it did much to help my skin get a really nice, deep cleanse while still maintaining the skins moisture. I don't feel it really helped maintain the balance in my skin as it would often leave my skin feeling coarse. Whilst it didn't make my breakouts or oiliness any worse, it didn't really do anything either. The scent, which is the same as the moisturiser, is quite strange and I didn't overly like it either. Probably a decent cleanser is you don't have problematic skin and I'm interested to try their cream cleanser because I do prefer the cream formula.

//Revitalising Facial Scrub

I really enjoyed this facial scrub and its beautiful and gentle while being fantastic at providing exfoliation. What really struck me about this scrub was that the little particles that acts as the 'scrub' are made out of natural, organic materials - bamboo extract and ground walnut shells. This definitely appealed to me over scrubbing my face with harsh chemicals. The texture of the product is creamy and doesn't foam up but is easily massaged into the skin. I definitely felt this gave my skin a little 'lift' and smoothing out dry spots. However, I didn't think it provided a deep enough exfoliation to really remove the impurities within my pores. Overall I think this is a great gentle scrub for sensitive although if you do have a range of skin issues you may need another product to really remove those deep impurities.

//Facial Moisturiser

This moisturiser had the same strange scent as the cleanser which I wasn't a huge fan of. I didn't overly like this moisturiser either. It took a long time for it to be absorbed into the skin which isn't ideal especially if apply in the morning as a day cream before makeup. It also doesn't have SPF which I'm not sure is because SPF isn't a natural ingredient, but it is still something that I think is imperative in a moisturiser. While it did add moisture to my skin, it didn't have a long term effect on the quality of my skin so I will probably be trying something new. My sister however, absolutely loves this moisturiser. She has dry to normal skin, so this might be a good option for you if you are within that skin type and are looking for a light moisturiser.

//Hydrating Mist Toner

This is the only product that I have repurchased so far and it is an absolute essential in my daily skincare routine. A really nice refreshing toner that works to soothe the skin and is great in reducing redness. I definitely recommend this toner if you have sensitive skin as you don't have to rub your face any more with a cotton pad which could be an extra irritation you don't need. The scent is also really nice and subtle. I've talked about this product so much here on my blog so that's a clear indication that I'm obsessed with it ! So glad I found this product.

//Purifying Body Scrub

I've only been using this for a couple of weeks after looking for a gentle body scrub. I knew I liked the face scrub so was intrigued to try this. So far I'm quite impressed and it is quite similar to the facial scrub, having the same ingredients. It is however, thicker in consistency and does a good job to exfoliate your skin and is great to help with dry skin. While I do prefer a deeper exfoliation after I shave, this is a good option to keep my skin refreshed on a daily basis.

Are these products for you?

Overall, I am quite impressed with the products from the Sukin range. If you have normal skin and don't have much problems with breakouts these products are a fantastic option! They are sensitive and will definitely keep your skin moisturised and glowing. However, if you have more problematic skin - either very dry or very oily - I don't think all the products are going to work and it might take some time to try which ones work for you. Whilst I had to really personalise my routine after finishing these Sukin products to target my problem areas, these products didn't make my skin any worse. As I've talked about over and over again, I absolutely love the Hydrating Mist Toner and would definitely recommend it as a toner if you have sensitive skin.

Overall the best things about the Sukin products are:

  • Price - These are super affordable, most of the face products are under $10 and conveniently available from Priceline and most other pharmacies.
  • Natural, Organic Ingredients - For me personally, I prefer using skincare that has natural ingredients as I find it is most effective for my sensitive skin. I also really believe in their principles which you can read all about here.
  • Range for Sensitive Skin - As well as their regular range, Sukin has a range specifically for sensitive skin. My mum originally had a reaction to the facial moisturiser and after getting in touch with customer relations, was sent the facial moisturiser from the sensitive range to try instead which worked really well. 
Hope you found this review helpful!

*Disclaimer: I have oily, sensitive skin and these products were tested over six months. These products were purchased with my own money and all opinions are honest and my own.

xx Catherine