Saturday, 15 February 2014

Review: Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush

I have been wanting to try this brush for so long but have had a lot of trouble with my skin lately and a few eye problems so I've only been wearing mineral foundation if I wear makeup at all to try to let my skin breath a bit. Anyway, I was super excited to finally try it out!

The Shiseido Perfect foundation brush retails for AUD $49 at department store counters. However, I was really happy that my girlfriend picked it up on her recent trip to Japan for only ¥1800 - approximately AUD $20 - so a significant saving!

Its a tiny little brush with an angled flat top. The brush is very dense but so so soft and absolutely beautiful on the skin. 

I used a liquid foundation and after applying some to the back of my hands, dipped the top of the brush into the product and in a stippling motion, dabbed the product into my skin. I ended up moving in circular motions in order to cover my face quicker and I found that was a good technique to really buff the foundation into my skin.

In comparison to the paddle-type foundation brush I've been using this brush creates a much more flawless look. I was so impressed with the way it buffed the product seamlessly into my skin without leaving streaks or patchy bits - so easy to work with!

The only issue is because the brush is quite small, you can't cover a whole lot of your face at the same time. I didn't find this to be much of an issue though and was still able to apply a whole face of foundation in a reasonable amount of time.

This video is actually really helpful in explaining how to use the brush with different types of foundation and I watched this before trying it out for the first time.
I definitely recommended this brush for flawless foundation application and would be perfect for those who love makeup brushes and want something unique for their collection.

Hope you enjoyed this review!
xx Cat ^.^