Friday, 21 February 2014

Review: M.A.C Matchmaster SPF15 Foundation

This is the foundation I picked up from M.A.C in my last haul and have been able to try it out since and give a review for you guys! This product retails for AUD$59 for 35mL which is 5mL extra than regular foundations. I'm in the lightest shade 1.0. I really liked how it felt and looked on my skin when I tried it in the store and I was also interested in the fact that it contained particles that were not pigmented in order to match even the subtleties in your skin tone.

Firstly, this is my face with one side of foundation applied. I used my Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush to apply which worked really well and it blended beautifully into the skin. Even with one layer - 2 pumps for half my face - you can see how well this foundation really evens out skin tone.

My skin is being extremely problematic at the moment, with lots of break outs and redness. After applying one layer all over my face and then going in again with a bit of extra product on my cheek, chin and forehead I felt confident enough in the finish to wear the foundation without any concealer.

I wore this foundation all day (around 8-9 hours) and it was a fairly hot day, around 30 degrees celsius, and I even went to work at my job as a swim instructor which is in the most humid environment ever. This results in a fair amount of sweat and 10 year olds splashing you in the face.

After 8 hours
I was so happy with how it lasted, especially after work. The product had worn off a little bit above my lips, on my nose - especially where my glasses sit but that's pretty normal, and on my forehead. As I do have an oily t-zone, this was expected but the wear was hardly noticeable and I definitely didn't feel like I needed to re-powder.

Final thoughts:
  • This is a fantastic, long wearing foundation that definitely dries down to a matte finish. 
  • I would recommend priming your face first because I did feel it was quite drying and this is probably my own fault for not moisturising/priming
  • Fantastic for oily skin types as it does a great job at controlling shine 
  • Probably a little too drying for dry skin types
  • Light/Medium coverage - build-able
  • Great packaging and the pump makes everything so much easier
I also love the review of this foundation by one of my favourite beauty Youtubers - Jodi from Goo Roo beauty. This is an amazing video with a comprehensive review of the M.A.C foundations. (You can skip to the different reviews you want to watch.) 

I'm really looking forward to using this foundation in my everyday makeup routine!
xx Cat ^.^