Monday, 7 April 2014

Face of Australia Limited Edition Screen Siren Nail Polish

I could not go past these limited edition nail polishes from Face of Australia who have recently released the 'Screen Siren' collection featuring four nude shades and three beautiful bright shades. I picked up the nude shades 'No Angel' and 'Travilla'.

These lasted so well on my nails and definitely win the non-chip award out of my drugstore nail polishes. With my Ulta 3 top coat they lasted a good four days without chipping! I was also very impressed how the high shine finish of these polishes also lasted throughout wear. The polish itself is quite easy to apply with a regular sized brush (unfortunately not as easy as the Essence nail polishes) and come up opaque in 2-3 coats as suggested on the packaging.
No Angel is a gorgeous pink based nude
Travilla is a more grey based nude

I absolutely love wearing nude shades on my nails as I think it is so sophisticated and this limited edition collection has come out just in time for autumn/winter where understated, sophisticated nails are very on trend. They are fantastic not only for everyday where because they really lengthen your fingers but add real sophistication to any outfit.

I was pretty interested to learn that the 'Screen Siren' collection was inspired by Marilyn Monroe, with each shade name having a specific meaning. For example, Travilla was the name of the costume designer who designed her famous white dress that blew up when she stood over the subway grate.The product description on the Priceline website states:
"Marilyn Monroe famously slept in the nude. As an ode to her, we have come up with four perfect nudes to suit any skin tone".
There are also three bright colours inspired by Marilyn's love of bright costumes and makeup which I am very tempted to go and add to my collection.

Overall I am super impressed with these polishes. The shades, wear time and glossy finish prove that these polishes are of excellent quality and for less than $5 they are a must have!
Available from Priceline for AUD$4.95.

Hope you have all had a beautiful start to the week!
xx Catherine