Monday, 14 April 2014

$20 Makeup Challenge

I have been planning this post for a while and am so excited to finally share it with you! The $20 Makeup challenge is pretty self explanatory - create an entire face of makeup with products that cost less than $20 combined. It is definitely harder than it seems, especially in Australia where its difficult to find a drugstore foundation for $20 or less. However, there are quite a few affordable options available in Australian stores and I have chosen products from four different brands to showcase them. I've got little reviews for all the product as well!

  • Essence all-in-one BB cream in 01 Universal - $3.37
  • Boe Beauty Blush in #2 Rosy - $2.00
Both of these products go in my miss pile. The Essence BB cream was so awful after this post I will be putting it straight in the bin. Despite picking the lightest shade, the product was so orange it took a lot of work to blend it into the skin. It did blend in ok and some of the orange went away once I had applied it all over my face but I also couldn't get past the awful smell. Luckily the lighting in my room was decent so I don't look like too much of an oompa loompa - just don't pick up this product ever! The blush from Boe was ok for the price, a little powdery and the shade wasn't anything special.

  • Essence Eyebrow Designer in 04 Blonde - $2.50
  • Boe Beauty Eyeshadow Duo in #31/32Uptown Girl - $2.00
  • E.l.f Liquid Eyeliner in Midnight - $3.00
  • E.l.f Lengthening & Defining Mascara - $3.00

Really impressed with the eye products I picked up! The Essence eyebrow pencil has now made it into my everyday brow routine and is fantastic for a really natural looking brow - also really easy to use. I hate the odd brush it has at the end and I suggest just a regular spoolie to brush through your brows. The Boe eyeshadow, unlike the blush, was not powdery at all and the colours applied and blended really well. Although not the most pigmented shadows ever, the shades were really pretty and I 100% recommend these. The E.l.f liquid liner is amazing and I have really enjoyed using it. I find the brush applicator much easier to use that a felt tip and Midnight is a really cool navy blue shade - I will definitely be going to pick up the black! The E.l.f mascara was decent and did lengthen the lashes, however I did have some clumping issues - not my no.1 choice of budget mascara.

  • Ulta3 Lipstick in Harem Pink (Matte)  - $2.95
Love, love, love this lipstick! The colour is gorgeous and the formula is such a beautiful matte finish and super easy to apply. For $3 I am amazingly impressed with this lipstick! Can't wait to try more lipsticks from Ulta3 as well.

And I was under budget - coming in at $18.82!! I'd say this challenge was completed successfully! 

xx Catherine