Friday, 8 August 2014

Empties - What I'm Throwing Out #2

It's that time again where I take you through my rubbish to show you what I loved so much that I finished it all up as well as those products I just had to get rid of. If you are confused as to why I am showing you my trash or want to see more check out my first empties post here.
//Maybelline Baby Lips Antioxidant Berry
I love the Baby Lips balms and the berry one had a fantastic scent! Really effective at moisturising the lips. Don't you feel a sense of accomplishment when you finish a lip balm?
Repurchase? Yes

//Revlon Lash Potion by Grow Luscious
I fell in love with this mascara when I first got it and was really impressed by how long and thick it made my lashes look with only one coat. However, it dried up really fast and when it did, it didn't work nearly as well. It does have a lovely big fibre brush though which is something I do love in mascaras!
Repurchase? No

//Laura Mercier Foundation Primer 
This is just a little sample but I fell in love with it and after trying a number of different primers I can definitely say this is my favourite. The consistency is not silicone-y like the Benefit Porefessional but something that is in between a moisturising and a serum. It is really smooth when applying and I love how I can apply it all over my face and it feels really comfortable, making my foundation glide on. It definitely does make a difference to the wear of my makeup.
Repurchase? Yes and I have bought the full size

//Dry Shampoo - Polished London 'Cornwall Coconut', Girlz Only, Batiste 'Blush'
I really should have stuck with my Batiste dry shampoos because both the Polished London and Girlz Only ones are being thrown out with about half the product left in them. Despite being 'Cornwall Coconut' this smelled nothing like coconut and was just as disappointing in its ability to clean my hair. I felt the pressure wasn't strong enough and I didn't feel like it did anything at all. The Girlz Only one was also disappointing and I wouldn't even pay the $2 for it. However, if you do want to try the Girlz Only dry shampoo check out the XXXL Volume version which is really great. In the end I gave up and bought Batiste again and will continue to do so. This is the 'Blush' version, but I can't tell the difference between them to be honest.
Repurchase? Batiste: Definitely! Others: no
//Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser
I actually finished this ages ago but found it empty in the back of my cupboard. I didn't like this much. My skin needs something much more intensive and there is no way I am spraying cold mist onto my skin during winter. Also at $10 I think it is a tad expensive considering it runs out pretty fast (a lot of product ends up on your carpet/floorboards/tiles) The scent was heavenly though.
Repurchase? Maybe in summer and if it's on sale but I can definitely go without.

//Sukin Facial Moisturiser and Foaming Facial Cleanser
I did a full review of the Sukin skin care range here. These were both *okay* but nothing spectacular. Probably a great choice for those with fairly normal skin.
Repurchase? No

//Herbal Essences Naked Shampoo and Conditioner 
An inclusion in the June Bellabox and also in my Weekly Beauty Edit, these were really impressive and worked really well with my hair. The scent was great and I felt the shampoo really gave an intense clean. I also thought that using the shampoo and conditioner together gave my hair extra volume compared to my usual ones. I found these same travel size bottles in Priceline so picked them up for my trip to Melbourne!
Repurchase? Yes - already have!

//Smart Skin Facial Cleansing Wipes
I don't use facial wipes on my face anymore to remove makeup, but still use them when I'm doing my makeup to wipe my hands and fix mistakes. These ones are my favourite because they are super cheap and do the job, although I am on to the Aldi ones now. I featured them in my last Empties post if you're interested to see what I thought.
Repurchase? Yes

//Priceline Round Cotton Pads
I think I bought like 500 of these at the beginning of the year and this is last packet. I liked these because the edges were joined together and didn't fluff up or fray to easily. I have moved on the use the larger size of these from Priceline to remove makeup as well as some round ones from Aldi that are ribbed! Oh the excitement of cotton pads!
Repurhase? Probably not, Aldi wins in terms of price and I will buy the larger size from Priceline instead of these.
//Lush Bath Ballistics -Blackberry, Phoenix Rising, Twilight Rising, Sakura, Think Pink (mini) and Butterball.
I also thought it would be fun to let you know all the Lush bath bombs I've gone through during the colder months! I'd have to say that I absolutely loved Think Pink which exploded with little confetti hearts as well as Twilight Rising which was perfect for night time and super relaxing.
Repurchase? Definitely!! I just picked up a whole heap from the Christmas in July LE. From this selection, probably my two favourite I mentioned above.

//Makeup Bits
When I set up my new makeup storage and vanity I found a few things in my collection that I didn't want anymore because they were old, dried out or just didn't work for me. This makeup brush was one of my first makeup items ever and I've had it since 2007! It feels so gross and I just couldn't use it on my face anymore!

Hope you all enjoyed the sneak peek into my rubbish!

Have a great weekend <3
xx Catherine