Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Benefit They're Real! Push Up Liner - Worth the Hype?

There was a lot of hype surrounding Benefit's latest release and newest addition to the They're Real! range and I just couldn't help myself so I picked up the Push Up Liner.

Its a little bit fancy and pretty innovative but a new application method means that there is going to be some getting used to. I don't believe this product makes applying eyeliner any easier than felt tip liners and I've never tried to apply gel liner with a brush before so I can't comment on how it compares to that. However, I previously had no interest in using a gel liner and this product did make me want to try to use a gel formulation.

The formula itself is quite dry. It balls up, flakes off, clumps my eyelashes together and creates a bit of a mess. Unless the tip is completely clear and you twist up *just* enough product it can be difficult to create a smooth line. I think the biggest issue I have with this product is that it does create a bit of mess trying to wipe the excess product on your hand or tissue. It's difficult and fiddly but when you get it all comes together.

Even the first time using this product, the final look has been pretty impressive if I say so myself. This liner is super black, matte and looks so bold on the eyes. It is really great for creating bold looks, and much faster too than using a felt tip liquid liner. I love doing big flicks or wings with this liner because it is much quicker and easier than using my Maybelline Master precise. However, doing really thin lines, close to the lashes was a bit more difficult.

Whilst the product is marketed to get in really close to the lash line, I had quite a bit of trouble doing so. When I did get in close to the lash line, the product clumped my lashes together which became an issue later and started smudging under my eyes.

Overall do I think it's worth the hype? Yes. It is innovative and definitely a game changer in terms of gel eyeliner. The packaging is cute and the price point reasonable. There are a lot of issues with using this product but as I have mentioned, I think a new type of application is bound to need some time getting used to. The final looks you can create with this product is well worth the effort in my opinion, especially if you are already comfortable with applying eyeliner and love bold looks. However, I don't think this is the first eyeliner you should buy as I think it's a bit tricky for makeup beginners.

I was also lucky enough to be the week 2 winner of Benefit's They're Real! Liner competition on instagram. Here is my Push Up liner look.

I was so excited to win and here are all the goodies I received in my prize pack! So excited to have the whole They're Real! family as well as the Porefessional products.

In other Benefit news, a few weeks ago, Benefit at Myer Sydney City held a meet up for a few Australian Beauty Youtubers. Of course I went along and had a chat to all the lovely girls. Benefit always throw a good party!
All photos from the event courtesy of Benefit Australia and can be found on their facebook page.

Have you picked up the Benefit They're Real! Push Up Liner yet? What are your thoughts?

xx Catherine