Friday, 27 June 2014

Pristine Oils Custom Cleanser: Review

A recent addition to my skincare routine is a customised cleanser from Pristine Oils. What I love about the cleanser is that the ingredients are chosen to target my specific skin concerns and it also comes in this super cute packaging with my name on it which I may have gotten too excited about!
 My cleanser is customised to:
  • 10% strength astringency
  • Rosehip Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Macadamia Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
How to use it:

I use three pumps on my hand and then massage the oil into my face using a circular motion. After leaving the oil to sit on my skin for about 30 seconds I will then rub it off with a face cloth, again using circular motions starting at the bottom of my face and working upwards. I have only recently purchased a micro fibre chamois to use along side this cleanser but it definitely works to 'polish' your face better than a regular face cloth.

The smell is definitely something to get used to if you haven't used facial oils before. It isn't unpleasant but reminds me a little bit of salad dressing. It personally doesn't bother me and there is definitely no oily scent left on your skin.
As a makeup remover:

I was really impressed with the cleanser's ability to remove makeup in literally seconds. Foundation and face products are absolutely no problem and melt away easily while even stubborn waterproof mascaras and eyeliners are broken down so easily. I love using this cleanser when I am wearing a full face of makeup as I'll hop out of the shower with not a trace left.

As a cleanser:

I have loved using this product during the colder months because my skin has definitely been needing the extra moisture and the low percentage of astringency in my cleanser means that it is super hydrating for my skin.

I really enjoy this product as a cleanser as it works really well to clean out my pores and other oil build up on my skin - as you know oil breaks down oil.

I would definitely recommend contacting Pristine Oils to assist you in putting together your custom cleanser as I found their customer service to be really great and they were much more knowledgable than me about how to treat different skin issues!

Overall my skin has improved in a number of ways since using the custom cleanser from Pristine Oils.
  • I've noticed a reduction in my blackheads around my nose and cheek area.
  • I have less frequent breakouts that are less severe.
  • My skin is smoother and softer.
  • I've notice my skin looks brighter and less 'dull'.
My skin before adding the Pristine Oils cleanser to my skincare routine
After using Pristine Oils - my complexion is brighter and I have less breakouts
I really like the idea of a custom cleanser and it really appeals to me because my skin reacts differently during different seasons. The fact that I can alter my custom blend while still receiving a product that I know works with my skin is fantastic and saves the hassle of trying to find a whole different product to use. Also I do believe everyone's skin is so different and it's hard to find a product on the shelves that is going to be right for you. Also I love the added bonus of a oil cleanser that is the best makeup remover I've ever tried.

I have been really struggling with my skin lately which is the reason I jumped on the opportunity to try Pristine Oils. I am extremely happy how my skin has improved. Check out the Pristine Oils website here.

xx Catherine

* This is not a sponsored post and the products mentioned were purchased by me with a discount. All opinions are honest and my own