Thursday, 19 February 2015

Review: L'Oreal Colour Riche Eyeshadow Monos

I had heard great reviews of these eyeshadow singles but it was only recently that I bit the bullet and picked up three shades.

Unfortunately, I have to start this review off on a sour note (don't worry it gets positive!). The reason I didn't buy into the hype as soon as they hit shelves, was because these eyeshadows come in at $19.95 each. I know L'Oreal is at the higher end of the drugstore market but I could never justify buying these full price. My rule of buying drugstore brands is to never pay full price so I recommend shopping around. If they aren't on sale at Priceline check out Target or Big W - do your research and you won't even have to wait long to get them on sale!

Now onto the actual product. These shadows are incredibly beautiful. From the shade range, texture and longevity I was incredibly impressed with their quality. I picked up the shades 106 Breaking Nude, 502 Quartz Fume and 201 Cafe St Germain and together they can create a simple everyday look or an intense smokey eye. The pigmentation of each shade was impressive and they blend  well. For those looking for an easy eyeshadow to work with but still looks great with minimal effort these monos are perfect.

Overall, while I do really like these eyeshadows I don't know if I would recommended them as my pick from the drugstore. There are so many great nude eyeshadow palettes on the market for around the same price as one shadow. However, my pick of the three shades would definitely be Cafe St Germain it is a very unique colour in my collection, a shimmery taupe that has a gorgeous reflex when worn on the eye.

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