Monday, 6 October 2014

The Ultimate TLC for Stressed Skin

With any slight change in the weather my skin goes a little crazy. Throughout winter, my skin was much dryer than I had been used to, now with the weather getting a little warmer, I'm noticing more oil coming through during the day and a few more breakouts than usual. Not to mention the stress of uni assessments and generally busy life doesn't help the state of my skin either.

With desperate times comes desperate measures and pulling out a few new and well loved skincare products in my stash, I've come up with the ultimate pamper routine to rejuvenate stressed skin.

1// Cleanse

Surprise, surprise! I used my Custom Oil Cleanser from Pristine Oils to remove my makeup and cleanse. One of my holy grail skincare products, you can check out my review here.

2// Mask

I've really been into masks recently and to be honest, the only reason I pulled out the Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask* ($7.99) was because I would only have to leave it on for one minute! The mask itself is really effective at drawing out oil, dirt and impurities from your pores, which is something I associate with Biore because I've used their Pore Strips for ages. As the name suggests, when the masks comes in contact with water, it heats up leaving a really cool tingling sensation on your face.

3// Exfoliate

If you've read my latest monthly roundup post, you'll know that the St. Ive's Apricot Scrub ($9.99) got a mention. I felt like the Biore mask was really great at drawing out impurities, but even after rinsing the mask off, I could still see blackheads and whiteheads sitting on top of the skin. Going in with an exfoliator after using the mask really helped leave my skin super clean, soft and smooth.

4// Serum

I product I've been reaching for a lot lately is the Eco. Pigmentation Serum *($18.00). After suffering from a few breakouts I have noticed this makes a huge difference in reducing the scarring left behind. It's a bit of a wonder product really because it is also super moisturising, calms the redness in my skin and is also really effective at smoothing the overall texture of my skin. Definitely a product I recommend for skin that's had it a little tough.

5// Moisturise

As usual, I reached for my favourite night cream, the Natio Antioxidant Face Moisturiser ($17.95). I've talked about this product over and over again because it provides really rich moisture, without being heavy and just leaves my face feeling so refreshed. I'm a huge fan of Natio products and I would definitely recommend checking out their skincare if you live in Australia.

I promise after this pamper routine, although slightly lengthy, you will wake up the next morning with skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed!

Products marked with * have been sent to me for consideration. My opinions are always honest!

xx Catherine

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