Wednesday, 1 October 2014

September Bellabox 'Beauty Wardrobe with Gritty Pretty'

Another month, another Bellabox! Bellabox is a monthly beauty subscription service and for $15 per month you receive 5-6 beauty items to try. I love receiving my subscription boxes to try products that are new to me, whether its a brand I've never heard of or a product that I normally wouldn't try myself. Unfortunately, this month, subscribers didn't receive their samples in the usual blue and white polka dot box due to a 'wardrobe malfunction'. While I absolutely love the boxes and use them to store my nail polish I'm not overly upset about their absence.

This month's box was the fourth I have received from Bellabox and definitely one of my favourites!

// Sleek Makeup Eye Dust: $9.95

WOW! I was definitely excited to see this included in my box. I have quite a few Sleek products in my collection and I absolutely love their eyeshadows so I can't wait to try this pigment. I received the shade 'Eden' which is a gorgeous dark green shade.

// Salon Tan Professional Face Lotion: $19.99

It may surprise some people but I have never worn a fake tan in my life. In the winter I embrace my pale-ness and in summer I'm lucky that while I lather sunscreen on I still develop a nice natural tan. However, because I do take extra caution with my face and always wear a hat and SPF 50+ my face always ends up being a few shades lighter than my body. This product will be perfect for correcting that difference and something I'm really looking forward to trying.

// Klorane Quinine and Vitamin B Shampoo $1.37

I always love getting hair products in subscription boxes because apart from dry shampoo I never buy hair products! This shampoo smells sort of like men's cologne. It claims to leave your hair looking volumised and glossy as well as strengthening your hair - all things that I need! I think this is a great inclusion because while I know of the brand Klorane, I didn't know they had other products and if I like it I can buy it from Priceline!

// Bioderma Sensibio Mask $7.99

Another product I am so excited to see in my box! I love receiving new masks to try and I have really wanted to try something from Bioderma for ages.

// Gelogic Nail Enamel $9.99

I also love getting nail polishes in my box and I am really into the gel polish at home trend.  This polish doesn't seem to require a top coat so I'm interested to see how 'gel like' it looks. I received a black shade which is a staple in any nail polish collection.

There were two bonus samples this month; sachets of the Garnier Perfect Blur and Revlon Colorstay Foundation.

The September Bellabox is definitely a 5/5 box for me! I am excited about every single product I received in my box and the total value of the box was $49.29 which is incredible! Super happy to receive 3 full sized products.

* All prices stated are in AUD$ and is the value of the sample in the box, used to calculate the overall value of the box.

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