Saturday, 27 December 2014

Book Review - Girl Online by Zoe Sugg


One of my greatest passions in life is literature - I absolutely love words, reading, and writing. I have a book collection larger than my makeup collection (which is really big!) and I am studying English as my major at university. So, it's safe to say I've read quite a few books. Everything from the classics - Austen, Bronte, Joyce, Woolf - to my current favourite genre, Teen fiction. Yep - it's summer and I want to read fun stories without any effort. So when my sister kindly bought me back a copy of the first novel by YouTuber Zoe Sugg or 'Zoella' I couldn't wait to get stuck into it.

Girl Online (RRP: $19.99) is the story of Penny who writes a blog as the anonymous 'Girl Online' where she goes to be herself and share all her feelings about boys, friendships and family. The story is light hearted and really adorable, making me smile with feelings of absolute joy.

Zoe Sugg is famous for her YouTube success, so she is not a writer and as her first novel, you can definitely tell. The writing is, well, bearable. Perhaps it's because I'm not a huge fan of really bad metaphors or maybe I shouldn't have been looking for sophisticated metaphors in teen fiction, the point is I didn't choose this book for it's ground breaking writing style. It's well known that Zoe used a ghost writer which I have zero problems with, except maybe they could have done a bit more editing.

However, I was incredibly impressed with the story itself and it's characters - all Zoe's own work. As I mentioned before, the story is a complete cute-fest (which I loved!) and the character's are surprisingly really interesting to read. For example Penny, the protagonist, suffers from anxiety and the way this is dealt with in the story is really thoughtful and constructive. Penny's best friend Elliot is another character I really loved to read. The relationship between Penny and Elliot is portrayed as really genuine and authentic friendship.

Overall a great, easy read that is perfect for summer. If you are a fan of Zoella's Youtube channel or follow her online at all I would definitely recommend Girl Online, especially over the holidays!

xx Catherine

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