Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Best of Beauty // February 2016

My favourite blog posts to read and beauty videos to watch are monthly favourites so I want to try and do a better job at wrapping up my favourite beauty products each month and share with you what I've been loving! It's definitely been a month of re-discovering some old favourites and cult classics.

A fairly well loved foundation, I have been reaching for the Covergirl 3-in-1 foundation a lot throughout the month because I've found my usual favourite, the Urban Decay Naked Skin, wasn't giving me enough coverage. I have loved this foundation for a while because it is just so reliable - if I want something long wearing, full coverage and my skin to look flawless - i'll reach for this. Especially during the humid days of February this foundation has been a life saver. It's also really affordable and available from chemists and even the supermarket. 

Another affordable product I've been loving throughout the month is Real Technique's answer to the Beauty Blender. I love the Beauty Blender but lately they've been getting mouldy so fast and I've been going through them quicker than usual. I still had a RT sponge in my collection and decided to start using it instead of spending another $27 on a BB. The RT sponge surprised me because I had forgotten how soft it was! It applies foundation just as well as the Beauty Blender and washes well too. So far I haven't had an issue with mould either!

A classic cheek duo from NARS has been my absolute go-to throughout Feb because it just goes with every look! Laguna is the most gorgeous gold-toned bronzer and adds the perfect amount of definition and warmth to the face. Orgasm is the prettiest peachy-pink shade with a super flattering gold shimmer throughout. Two cult classic shades that are 100% worth the hype and great for all skin tones.

I've been using Stila Kitten Eyeshadow all month as my highlighter for absolutely everything - cheeks, brow bone and inner corner. It is the perfect champagne shade with such a creamy formula, this versatile product is a must have in any beauty lover's collection.

I'm completely useless with my styling my hair and will usually just let it air dry and hope for the best. The Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It is amazing because you don't need to do anything just pop it in your hair and let it dry! I usually like to add in a bit of a sea salt spray, twist my hair into little buns and once my hair is dry Don't Blow It has worked its magic to add a little bit of texture and volume to my hair. It's perfect for getting that messy textured look with little to no effort!

// Neutrogena Beach Defence Sunscreen

Finally, as summer comes to an end I have to mention the best sunscreen I've ever tried! Beach Defence has an SPF 50+ and best of all smells great, isn't too thick or greasy and sinks into the skin while actually having a moisturising effect. I've been saved many times from potentially painful sunburn thanks to Beach Defence.

What products have you been loving lately?

xx Cat